The Discens

The Discens are composed of those who are in training to take up specialist roles within the Legion. They have an illustrious history of doing the Jobs too dangerous or difficult for the rest of the Legion, and tales of their Heroics are common. Even with such a reputation, they are still merely those in training for proper positions within the Immunes, mythical figures on par with modern day characters such as James Bond.

The Immunes

The Immunes are the legendary soldiers and agents of the Empire, who answer only to the high commanders of the Legion and the Emperor himself. The deeds are the very stuff of legends.

Mythical Figures of the Discens and Immunes:

Lorik Steel: Legendary Fighter, famed for his involvement in the Imperial Revolution over several centuries ago. Responsible for the safe return of hundreds of captured soldiers, and many spectacular victories. Before the end of the war, helped establish the Discens and Immunes, and was set to become one of the first senators of the newly founded Empire. Went missing in action during the final battle of the Revolution, the destruction of the demonic stronghold of Tanaar, he was last seen charging in alone to confront the infernal overlords of Tanaar.

Sharwyn Letinold: A famed elven archer, often credited with the swift victory of the Empire over the invading Mountain Tribes. Now since retired from service, she occasionally helps the Empire train promising sharpshooters in the Immunes. A close friend of the acting Legate, Livyron.


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