Cities and Locations

The main areas of interest in the desert thus far are;

New Imperial Provincial Capital “Antard”
The Provincial Capital Antard acts as the seat of Imperial power in this province, and as the main port for outgoing shipments of Arderium and other valuable ores and minerals to the Empire. The city and Legion presence in the region are overseen by the Legate Livyron.

Free City Ebaia
The treasures of this region aren’t found only in the hills; The coastal city of Ebaia thrives on the large fish stocks and easily harvested pearls found in the Aeran Sea. As there are few threats in this region, there is little Legion presence in Ebaia, and order is kept by a locally maintained military presence.

New Cathyrica
New Cathyrica takes advantage of the many springs and oasis in the surrounding area to support the entire region agriculturally, which is no small task. Despite the ample supply of fresh water, the blistering desert heat takes its toll on most crops, and there is little variety in what can be grown.

Euratror Garrison
Positioned on a rocky outcropping that oversees the crossroads and the community that surrounds them, the hewn sandstone walls of the Garrison house approximately 200 troops. The significance of this location stems from the lucrative trade with the many native city states to the south, who vie for favoured status with the merchants of the Empire.

The Arderium Mines
The Arderium Mines are the primary reason for [[the-empire | the Empire’s]] interest in this blasted land. Arderium Ore is rough and silvery, containing traces of both Adamantine and Mercury (which are exceedingly rare and valuable).

Southern Kingdoms
The Southern Kingdoms are a vast feudal kingdom located south of the Empire’s current operations in the desert. Relations are currently complicated, with the Southern Kingdoms still wary of the Empire’s vast military might and expansionist nature, but open to the lucrative trade and possibility of diplomatic relations with the Empire.

Cities and Locations

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