Discens and Deserts

Session 5
Kobold Thing Place

With Alastir’s help, the party managed to get themselves behind enemy lines and arrived at the teleportation circle within the kobold caves. The Kobolds however, seemed to be (at least partially) aware that their teleportation circle was compromised and posted a sentry. After fighting through several waves of Kobolds, the party managed to confront the High Priest that they had met before. With his last breath, he sent the party hurtling down below the surface of the earth, deep into some forsaken ruins. Trudging through the filth and blood of the sacrificial runoff from above, the group was able to navigate through the ruins. After solving a puzzle using their amazing guile and finesse, the party was confronted by Vutha, or at least an illusory projection of him.

Session 4
Assassins and Roleplaying

After a brief rest, the group was asked to meet with Gallus at the Fort in Ebaia, whereupon they were paid their wages as Legionnaires and referred to the resident Arcanist, Alastir, who discussed with them the significance of the spellbook they had found, and requested that they aid him with a scrying ritual. Specifically, the party needed to collect a rare reagent.

Amir’s Streetwisdom proved to be invaluable to the group, and with his aid they were able to procure the reagent from the black market. After collecting the reagent, the group was attacked by a group of Semi-Professional assassins, who called themselves the ‘Shadow Hand’. One of them requested they turn over the spellbook, which wasn’t even in the party’s possession, and after a brief skirmish the assassins withdrew, but not before the party found a note detailing the rest of their orders.

The group hurried back to the Fort, where they found that the Assassins had attacked while the majority of the soldiers were sleeping. After “negotiating” the release of the Arcanist, the group fought the mighty and fearsome Daiseo, who was promptly rescued by the much more dangerous Zathyrra. With the reagent returned and the assassins in retreat for now, the party was able to finally focus on their assault against Vutha

Session 2
Chasing the Kobolds

Upon finding the tracks leading away from the ruined temple the party gave chase to the Kobolds, determined to rescue their friend Ductus.

After travelling an hour or so southwards, they encountered the remains of a hastily abandoned Kobold camp that was established in a set of squat ruins. After fending off an ambush by predatory desert spiders, they found a note in draconic detailing orders about the capture of a Warforged (it did not name anyone in specific), signed by someone named “Vutha”.

They continued following the tracks that scattered off into the northeast as the desert grew cold and dark, and night set in. Upon finding a rocky outcropping where a better vantage point could be established, Amir discovered an ancient gravestone, and took a jet black Adamantine dagger from the grave itself, prompting an attack from ghostly soldiers.

After defeating the apparitions, they resolved not to let Ductus down, and continued their pursuit of the Kobolds.

Raid on the Temple

Having arrived earlier than expected, Primus Gallus did not have the intelligence regarding the Kobold’s command centers he had sent an Immunes agent to gather. In lieu of a major tactical strike, Gallus handed down orders to conduct a raid on a small outpost nearby Ebaia.

After several difficult battles the party faced off with the Kobold Lieutenant, who was conversing with a strange figure through a portal floating above a set of runes(one which he subsequently received reinforcements through).

With the defeat of the Lieutenant, the temple came crashing down around the party, who handily escaped its’ collapse without injury. Upon emerging into the desert evening, they noticed their comrade Amir was wounded, and the warforged Ductus was missing…

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