An immortal warrior who mainly fights the creatures of darkness because it's fun.

* Level 2 Deva Avenger
* Unaligned, Worships Pelor

*Str: 10 (+0)
*Dex: 10 (+0)
*Con: 11 (+0)
*Int: 17 (+3)
*Wis: 21 (+5)
*Cha: 08 (-1)

* Acrobatics:    +7
* Athletics:    +7
* Perception:    +12
* Religion:    +16

*Languages: Common, Draconic, Primordial

*    +2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom
*    +2 History, +2 Religion
*    Medium Size
*    Speed 6
*    Normal Vision

*    Background: +2 Religion

*    Astral Majesty: +1 defenses vs. bloodied creatures
*    Astral Resistance: Resist Necrotic, Radiant (5+ 1/2 level)
*    Immortal Origin: Considered Immortal
*    Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes: Gain MoaTL power

*    14 + Constitution HP, +6 HP/level, 7 base surges, +1 F/R/W

*    Armor Proficiencies: Cloth
*    Implements: Holy Symbols
*    Weapon Proficiencies: Simple and Military Melee, Simple Ranged

*    Armor of Faith: +3 AC when not wearing heavy armor or shield.
*    Censure of Retribution: When other enemy hits, +Int cumulative dmg vs Oath target EONT.
*    Channel Divinity: Can Channel Divinity, gain Divine Guidance and Turn Undead.
*    Oath of Enmity: Use Oath of Enmity power.

Character 1: Weapon Proficiency - Fullblade (Proficient with Fullblade)
Character 2: Armor Proficiency - Leather (Proficient with Leather Armor)
Character 4: Melee Training - Wisdom (Make melee basics w/ Wisdom)

1: BOND OF RETRIBUTION (Standard, Melee Weapon, Wisdom v. AC)
Hit: 1[W] + Wis damage. First time other enemy hits you UEONT, target takes Int radiant.

1: RADIANT VENGEANCE (Standard, Ranged 10 Implement, Wis vs. Reflex)
His: 1d8 + Wis radiant damage, gain Wis temp hp. 

Effect: Add 1d6 to a d20 roll after roll is made.

FEATURE: OATH OF ENMITY (Minor, 1 enemy in Close Burst 10)
Effect: Make two rolls to melee chosen enemy when adj. and no other enemies are adj.
Lasts until end of encounter or till enemy drops to 0, is then regained.

CHANNEL DIVINITY: ABJURE UNDEAD (Standard, One creature in Close Burst 5, Wisdom vs. Will)
Hit: 3d10 + Wis radiant, pull 1 + Wis squares, immobilized until end of next turn.
--Level 5: 4d10 + Wis radiant
--Level 11: 4d10 + Wis radiant
--Level 15: 4d10 + Wis radiant
--Level 21: 4d10 + Wis radiant
--Level 25: 4d10 + Wis radiant
Miss: Half damage, pull 1.

CHANNEL DIVINITY: DIVINE GUIDANCE (Immediate Interrupt, Close Burst 10)
Trigger: Ally within 10 rolls attack on Oath of Enmity target.
Effect: Ally makes second attack roll and uses either result.

1: AVENGING ECHO (Standard, Melee Weapon, Wisdom vs. AC)
Hit: 1[W] + Wis damage, UEONT enemy that ends turn adjacent takes 5 + Int radiant.

3: HALO OF FIRE (Standard, Melee Weapon, Wisdom vs. AC)
Hit: 2[W] + Wis fire damage. UEONT, any enemy ending adj. to target takes 5 + Int fire.

1: ASPECT OF MIGHT (Standard, Melee Weapon, Wisdom vs. AC)
Hit: 3[W] + Wisdom damage.
Miss: Half damage.
Effect: +5 Athletics, +2 Speed, +2 Melee Damage for encounter.

2: DISTRACTING FLARE (Move, Personal)
Effect: Become invisible, move Speed, become visible.

Bold Victory Leather(Encounter,Free)When you or ally in 5 bloody enemy, grant them +2 AC UEONT.
Flaming Fullblade(At-Will,Free)Weapon deals fire damage.
Flaming Fullblade(Daily,Free)Hit target takes +1d6 fire and ongoing fire 5.
Goblin Stompers(Encounter,Immediate Reaction)Shift 1 square after missed by melee attack.

* +1 Flaming Fullblade        (+4 Accuracy, 1d12+1 damage, +1d6+1d12 crit)
* +1 Symbol of Divine Reach    (+1, +1d6 crit, add 1 to range of Divine ranged/area powers)
* +1 Amulet of Physical Resolve    (+1 F/R/W, +2 to saves vs. poison/slow/immobilize/weaken)
* +1 Bold Victory Leather    (+3 AC, Light ARmor)

* Goblin Stompers
* Phylactery of Divinity

* Potion of Healing

* Climber's Kit            
* Lantern
* Standard Adventurer's Kit    (10 rations, 2 sunrods)

* 296gp

* Fullblade Attack:    +11/1d12 +6dmg, Crit 1d6+1d12 + 18
* Implement Attack:    +8/+6dmg

* Initiative:        +2
* Speed:        6

* Hitpoints:        43/43 (0 temp)
* Healing Surges:    7/7 (Restore 10)

* Defenses:        AC: 21, Fort: 14, Ref: 17, Will: 19
* Resistances:        7 Necrotic, 7 Radiant

* Senses:        Normal Vision, Insight 17, Perception 222

* Action Points:    1

ER[*]Memory of a Thousand Lifetimes
EC[*]Oath of Enmity
EC[*]Channel Divinity

E1[*]Avenging Echo
E3[*]Halo of Fire

D1[*]Temple of Light

UE1[*]Distracting Flare

IE[*]Bold Victory Leather
ID[*]Flaming Fullblade
IE[*]Goblin Stompers

Halak doesn’t think of himself as an individual, but as an agenda. Many incarnations precede him, but each has been an uncompromising slayer of demons and monsters, a stalwart champion of the heavens.

Many Deva don’t really remember what they were before they were Deva or how it came to be that they took on (quasi)mortal bodies, but Halak is different; his ancient origin almost completely defines his contemporary mindset. Halak was a soldier in Pelor’s angelic host, and under the banner of the sun god Halak fought and won countless battles. He crossed swords with archons in the primordial sea, routed demon armies before heaven’s very doorstep, drove Asmodeus and his twisted followers back into their domain so that they could be justly imprisoned.

But there came a time when the last tumultous war for control of Creation’s status quo was already fought and won, and evil’s power over the mortal realm consisted chiefly of temptation and infiltration, and the angelic hosts had little more to do than stand guard over their gods’ dominions, respond to the occasional ritual summoning, and wait. And Halak, knowing that as an angel he would never be allowed to act in the world directly, became a man. Or a reasonable fascimile of one, anyway. Holding onto Pelor’s blessing even as he shed his immortal form to tie himself to a body of flesh and bone, Halak set off into the world to slay evil. He’s been at it for a long while, now, and giving considerably better than he’s got – if you were to sum his deaths, over the years, and compare them to the deaths he’d caused, he’d come out considerably ahead.

If you were to ask Halak why he does it, he’d tell you it’s his duty to slay evil. If you asked him [i]why[/i] he felt the need to slay evil while pointing out at the same time that Halak doesn’t seem to actually care for the people he ostensibly protects, though, you might get him at a loss. Because deep down it’s not really that Halak loves gods or cares for peasants or even particularly hates demons – it’s the love of conflict that drives him, a fierce enjoyment of both supremacy in combat and the knowledge that his justification for [i]engaging[/i] in combat is wholly unimpeachable. So as much as having to sleep and eat annoys him, as much as mortal art and mortal music offend his angelic taste, Halak enjoys being embodied, because it gives him something to [i]do[/i].

Halak serves the legions as a warrior and, more importantly, witch hunter. Plenty of people are good with a sword, but when mummies come marching out of long-sealed tombs or someone breaks the wrong amulet in half and unleashes a sleeping demon, Halak’s on the scene.


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