Discens and Deserts

Session 5

Kobold Thing Place

With Alastir’s help, the party managed to get themselves behind enemy lines and arrived at the teleportation circle within the kobold caves. The Kobolds however, seemed to be (at least partially) aware that their teleportation circle was compromised and posted a sentry. After fighting through several waves of Kobolds, the party managed to confront the High Priest that they had met before. With his last breath, he sent the party hurtling down below the surface of the earth, deep into some forsaken ruins. Trudging through the filth and blood of the sacrificial runoff from above, the group was able to navigate through the ruins. After solving a puzzle using their amazing guile and finesse, the party was confronted by Vutha, or at least an illusory projection of him.


Level 5
Encounter 1: 1350 EXP
Encounter 2: 900 EXP
-Found; +2 Choker of Eloquence
Encounter 3: 1200 EXP
-Found; +2 Deathstalker Tratnyr
Encounter 4: 700 EXP
-Solved Puzzle: 800 EXP
Encounter 5: 1000 EXP
Encounter 6: 1100 EXP
-Found; +2 Battlecrazed Sword
Total (Level 5): 7050 EXP
EXP Each: 1410 EXP
Level Progress: 6985/7500

Session 5

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