Discens and Deserts

Session 4

Assassins and Roleplaying

After a brief rest, the group was asked to meet with Gallus at the Fort in Ebaia, whereupon they were paid their wages as Legionnaires and referred to the resident Arcanist, Alastir, who discussed with them the significance of the spellbook they had found, and requested that they aid him with a scrying ritual. Specifically, the party needed to collect a rare reagent.

Amir’s Streetwisdom proved to be invaluable to the group, and with his aid they were able to procure the reagent from the black market. After collecting the reagent, the group was attacked by a group of Semi-Professional assassins, who called themselves the ‘Shadow Hand’. One of them requested they turn over the spellbook, which wasn’t even in the party’s possession, and after a brief skirmish the assassins withdrew, but not before the party found a note detailing the rest of their orders.

The group hurried back to the Fort, where they found that the Assassins had attacked while the majority of the soldiers were sleeping. After “negotiating” the release of the Arcanist, the group fought the mighty and fearsome Daiseo, who was promptly rescued by the much more dangerous Zathyrra. With the reagent returned and the assassins in retreat for now, the party was able to finally focus on their assault against Vutha


Current Experience:
Level 4
Encounter 1: 1200 EXP
Encounter 2: 1100 EXP
Encounter 3: 1350 EXP
-Found; +2 Adamantine Dagger
Encounter 4: 900 EXP
Encounter 5: 875 EXP
Encounter 6: 400 EXP
-Found; +2 Hungry Spirits Totem, +2 Stonemeld Leather, +2 Elven Cloak
Encounter 7: 1200 EXP
Encounter 8: 1200 EXP
-Found; Brooch of Shielding +2, Ruby Scabbard, +2 Vitality Scale, +2 Force Weapon
Quest Reward: 800 EXP
Running Total: 9125 EXP
EXP Each: 1825
Level 5
Level Progress: 5575/7500

Current Gold/Rewards (Not including assets spent/gained outside of raw rewards):
275GP Each
4000GP Each

Session 4

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