Discens and Deserts

The Desert stretches as far as the eye can see, nothing but parched dunes and searing heat. The Empire has given this land no name as of yet, the people of the southern deserts sometimes call it the “Jadean”, but most of the Legion troops are content to call it Hell. Beyond the dunes however, in the heart of the desert, silvery streaks in the rock establish the reason for the Imperial presence in these blasted lands. More valuable than gold, Arderium Ore carries an amalgam of Adamantine; that is, a mixture of Mercury and Adamantine. Already considered precious metals, they have been made doubly so by the Empire’s desire to create more of “The Warforged”, shock troopers of terrifying strength, as Mercury is needed to act as the vital fluid and non-Adamantine metals simply lack the strength to act as a body. Though some in The Empire protest against the use of sentient beings as disposable troops, their significance in establishing and maintaining the strength of The Empire cannot be denied, so criticism is delivered timidly at best.

The Empire first established forts here after soldiers campaigning in the Southern Kingdoms brought back jewelery fashioned with stones streaked with the brilliant, silvery Arderium Ore. There was no native population to speak of, only ancient ruins scattered throughout the desert, so The Empire was able to quickly establish settlements and begin prospecting the mountains. The operations in this region are incredibly expensive as it is, and so despite requests of the acting Legate, The Empire is reluctant to send more regular troops. Most agricultural support for the region comes from the southern settlement of New Cathyrica, whose abundant natural springs allow the Legion to supply its troops even in the harsh desert.

Currently, it has been three and a half years since the first shipments of refined Arderium were sent off to the Imperial Capital of Iberand, and while the frequency and size of the shipments has been increasingly steadily, the demands of the Legion for Warforged has vastly outstripped the ability to supply the ore, as more are needed to participate in the Northern Campaigns. Stretched thin because of this war, the Legion has decided to send you and your company in the stead of frequently demanded troops to deal with the recent troubles with their mining operations.

Who are the Discens?

The Discens are composed of those who are in training to take up specialist roles within the Legion. They have an illustrious history of doing the Jobs too dangerous or difficult for the rest of the Legion, and tales of their Heroics are common. Even with such a reputation, they are still merely those in training for proper positions within the Immunes, mythical figures on par with modern day characters such as James Bond.

Your company (the party) has been shipped off to the frontiers of The Empire, to aid with the operations in the forbidding deserts across the southern seas.

Discens and Deserts

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